Next (probably last?) DLC about South Africa?

I think this last DLC was an excellent way for the Devs to rectify an issue they had –involuntarily– generated by merging many Indian civilizations into one: kudos to the Team for bringing to us, not only these new civilizations, but new interesting dynamics (e.g. switching melee-range), unique units (the long-requested urumi) & campaigns. We can now evoque the amazing diversity we find in such a continent, so for now, we can only congratulate them, even if there can be minor nerfs/buffs required (as it will always happen, due to the nature of the game).

I think we all noticed there are still three spots: not sure if they will re-arrange them again, but if not, I would strongly recommend the next DLC to be around the last unexplored corner that contain several relevant entities: South Africa. By now I think we have debunked the myth of an uncivilized or Egypt-only Africa, so I would like to insist in the nice opportunity this can bring, besides debunking further such a myth without bringing any political agenda into play.

If this happens, I would like to know what you think of the following pool of civilizations. Obviously we cannot pick them all, but it would be nice to know which one would be your choice. Pick up to three.

  • Kanembu (Empire of Kanem-Bornu, Bagirmi, Tunjur)
  • Fulani (Great Fulo, Denianke)
  • Somalians (Ajuraan, Adal, Warsangali)
  • Kongolese (Kongo, Loango, Kakongo, Ndongo, Ngoyo)
  • Hausa (Several Sultanates)
  • Yoruba (Oyo)
  • Edo (Benin, Ife, Ijesa, Ijenu)
  • Bunyoro (Buganda, Bunyoro, Ankole, Chwezi)
  • Zimbabweans (Zimbabwe, Mutapa, Monomotapa, Maravi, Butua)
  • Swahili (Kilwa, Mombasa, Zanzibar)
  • Malagasy (Sakalava, Imerina, Antaimoro)
  • Mossi (Wagadugu, Yatenga, Boussouma, Tenkodogo)
  • Nubians (Alodia, Makuria)

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Btw, I’m not foreign to the many other civs that might not come into play (at least in the short term), like Tongans, Pueblo, Mississippians or the Slav-split (Serbs, Romanians & Russians), but I would like to focus this thread within this region. My personal non-Africa favorite would be Khanty-Mansi, just because of the possibility of having “reindeer riders”.

I know as well I’m doing some merging myself (e.g. Tunjur are not Kanembu), but a story can be built with the same.

No Nubia/Sudan in the list?

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I’ve no idea how I broke the poll, LOL…
I won’t add any other civ for now, but Nubia is there.

The Kanems could share the Camel Scout unit with the Gurjaras, and they could even have an unique Camel Lancer unit.

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That would take out the uniqueness of the Gurjaras,only civi to have 3 uu’s.

I might change it to Southern Africa. South Africa is a country. So the title is ambiguous

Where are the Songhai?

For a South African DLC Kongolese, Swahili and Shonas are the most suitable, but of it is the last DLC I will riot.

I voted for Somalians/Somalis. We did some brainstorming in one of the other threads, and there are some interesting options there around navy/trade (similar to the Swahili), infantry, including some elite troops as well as horses and camels. Maybe even trash camels, as one of the unique technologies. And maybe an eco bonus with something something trade of ivory and African animals to Asia and Europe something, like some sort of gold bonus around hunting maybe?

It seems like a civ that could work, even if there Isn’t too much popular English labguage literature about these guys.

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I would have added a few additional options, especially in Western Africa (Songhai, Soninke, Fon, Jolof and maybe Igbo), as well as possibly the Ambundu (though they may possibly be covered by Kongolese. However, if we’re limited to 3 civs, which I really hope isn’t the case, my personal pick would be Swahili, Nubians and Somalis.


I thought Nubia was in northern-ish Africa?

I voted for mostly what others have suggested, but also Edo, since for some reason, I really started to like the campaign idea he thought of for Benin. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Then again, I think Benin was moreso central/western Africa?)

Or is the poll meant for the entire Africa?

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His civi choices are from all over Africa.


Considering the choices offered by the poll, I think “South Africa” is “Everything south of the Sahara or part of it”.

Forgot to mention the possibilities of defenses there. Big stone towers might have been a thing with the Somalis.

I would have no issue changing the name from “South Africa” to “Sub-Saharan Africa” or “Southern Africa”. But last time I did a change (added Nubians) I lost the poll results. So I’ll leave it as is for now (being that it’s not a huge issue).

Why are Swahilis so much higher than Somalians?
Somalians are like Swahilis but better in terms of AoE2 civ metrics for inclusion. More contact with other civs, more written and archelogic sources, more potential for campaigns.
We know nothing about swahili military, they were isolated in everything except trade, and the only reference to trade in this game are trade carts and ships. Even in that area Somalis win, as they had more presence and relevance in the indian ocean trade network.

I can understand the fasination and mystic with Zimbabwe and the ruins of Great Zimbabwe, but Swahilis, I think, have nothing going for them as a civ.

Could be because title says south/southern Africa and Somali are not South African.I voted Swahili and Zimbabwe based on that.