Next title needs of this feature: the world map Campaign

I think this feature should be added in every RTS game and It could be very appreciate to the most of casual players. It’s a real satisfaction to fight different Battles on different Maps around the world map.

Total War+ Age of Empires: what else?

Also Company of Heroes 3 Is going to adopt this features and It seems fantastic.

Microsoft you know what we want and please, choise Unreal 5 for the next titles.


An Unreal 5 RTS would melt computers. I don’t know if the world is ready for this or not. Lol

Frost giant RTS will use Unreal 5, according to devs themselves, we’ll see how thats handled

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I enjoy campaign maps very much. They add a whole new dimension to the game. And they do not even have to be in the TW style -of course these really add a new dimension- but our franchise is not entirely stranger to campaign maps either. AoEO’s quest map for example was really refreshing and offered another board to play at. Let me not get started with the co-op campaign missions that were completely ignored. But yes, even a simple geographic map to navigate yourself around and take decisions upon can be satisfying.


I was just thinking about this.

It’s baffling that a historical game like AoE doesn’t have conquest mode (something Relic already did in the past with Dawn of War Dark Crusade) and that they are doing themselves with CoH 3.

Conquest Mode might be the most fitting mode to the AoE franchise.


Exactly. Also Rise of Nation had have this mode. It’s simply amazing because you can play a lot different Battles seeing your progresso along the way. It’s not only a “skirmish” but the entire conquest of the world map. You could also made alliances and see the enemies moving their armies on the map like in Total War.


I remember taking turns to play skirmishes on the world map with my friends more than a decade ago. Very fun experience indeed.

Dark crusade campaign map was great, also ride of nations had the best world map IMO, currently age IV campaign is super boring and the documentary videos even more…

Very cool idea. I would love when we would have this feature in AOE4 :slight_smile:

And yes Unreal 5 would be better for the next titles.