Night and Day cycle mod for Campaign?

Hey all,

I am not sure if this is even possible modding wise (I don’t know how malleable the files are), but would anyone be able to create a night and day cycle for the campaigns or skirmish as well.

Preferably with added light sources to make it more “immersive” from towers and walls and such, Maybe at the beginning of a group of 10 soldiers or something the one in front or middle carriers a torch leading the way at night while in walking formation?

Maybe I am asking too much I don’t know.

I would try to do this myself but I am pretty useless when it comes to modding.

what do you guys think worth for someone doing? or would anyone be willing to do it?

If these mods exist and just have obscure names I would love to know what they’re called?

Thanks in advance


The scenario editor supports day cycles. There’s a video by Age of Noob where he showcases different times of the day using the scenario editor. You can even see that the building’s torches light up their surroundings at night, so most of it is already there already.

However, from what I heard, it’s really hard to translate that into the actual game, more so the campaign I would suppose (maybe doable in skirmish by creating a new biome). Pretty sure in medieval times a lot of battles were fought at dawn, dusk and probably at night, not to mention under different weather conditions such as rain.

I hate that the game went so far into “eSports readability” to avoid fully utilizing its engine and I’d go crazy happy if someone came up with a mod to enable this. Upvoted.


There is a map where it switches to night and day in the campaign, which is the battle of dover (I think), where you need to hold out against the French. Towards the end of the siege, it switches to day time. Indicating you were fighting all night. So it seems it is doable. I hope someone with the know how can take a look. I would genuinely love that type of mod and based on what you’ve said I am sure many others would too.

I’d love a mod like that and a mod that dims the player vs enemy colours so they’re not so bright and puts the proper heraldry on the correct factions. As I recall, History wasn’t just bright red vs bright blue xD (aside from ancient times where people literally went to war in some places because team red vs team blue lmao) at least let it be a setting or something.

I also really like your idea for weather and such too, that would be amazing. Rain storm, snow etc.

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