Nili's Apartment Cup 3 Tournament - Cool, but very chatty

Is great this tournament is going on (okay, is awesome!), but I’m finding it tough to watch/listen to because commentary from two commentators on each match goes endlessly, non-stop, 100% of the time with no breaths or let-up. I wish there was a way to turn commentary audio off to just listen to the game audio only. All the commentary is great for those who want to hear it… very knowledgeable commentators. But my ears just need a break from all the chatter sometimes (often) :frowning:

And sometimes I just want to have it be background audio so I can focus on work or whatever. All the commentary does not make for relaxing times :slight_smile:

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That’s how casting works. Hyped, knowledgeable casters pull in viewers. It’s not the 100%s preference, but it’s palatable to way more than what you or I prefer.

I much preferred when Viper was casting. He only mentioned the things that mattered. The other guy literally commented on how he had practice filling the dead air by talking about random stuff like “favorite corner of the minimap.” Which honestly is fine, that’s the goal of casting. To keep it entertaining. It’s just not my preference.

When I watch players play I like it when they only state what they are doing, their intent to do, and what leveled play they think is happening.


I mean…that’s how casting works lol this is how any game ive seen done works otherwise you just have dead air. If you’re working with background audio ….them casting is literally the only thing keeping you up on whats happening lol otherwise just play a soundtrack of AOE noises in the background or put the muted stream up.

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Well, I’d still watch and pay attention on my terms, and evaluate what’s going on in the match myself. It wouldn’t just be background audio. And I’d want to hear game audio (although the incessant battle horn sound would probably get a little annoying). But I guess I just don’t need or prefer constant commentary :wink:

even when they’re quite the game audio is normally turned way down where you don’t hear much anyway. Just mute the stream then or try and find their match and spectate if you can.

however the whole point of having a tournament and having casters is so they can fill the dead air with analysis and reactions. Like any sporting event.

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Dead air and no commentary isn’t a bad thing :wink: The game’s audio is just fine for me. Implementing a commentary-free broadcast would take some technical work, but who knows, maybe it’d be worth it?

I’m sharing my opinion as one user’s experience. Microsoft is free to do with it what they will :slight_smile:

I will only be watching/listening to 1% of the tournament as a result of the commentary. That’s one less viewer for marketing, etc. purposes, and I may not be the only one like this; so, Microsoft may want to know. Actually, they probably would want to know since they are heavy into customer feedback these days, which is great. It’s up to them whether or not they feel it’s worth looking into more; to see if it’s common sentiment.

I’ve shared my experience, for whatever it’s worth. Workarounds are just that… workarounds. Sometimes not even good workarounds. I prefer solutions and viable options. But I totally understand and am okay if nothing is done to curb the rampant commentary :smiley:

I really think you’re pretty much alone on this if you’re asking for a twitch stream with just the game. If you want to watch it with no commentary, just find the game and spectate it as DIABLOxHITMAN said. That is not a workaround, that is the solution for someone like you who wants to watch it that way, and that’s one of the reasons spectating is a thing.

Impossible to do when you’re not at home on your PC 100% of the time :wink: And let Microsoft decide that absolutely nobody else on Earth wants no commentary or less commentary. It wouldn’t be so bad if they took breaths every so often. TV sports commentators don’t talk as much as them.

If you want to just listen to game audio you can watch replays of Standard Games with only AI. Unfortunately, you can only get the AI camera view in replay mode.

That being said, it’d be nice if NAC3 could release all the replays of the cup for personal viewing.

I want to watch the tournament without all the commentary; that’s what this thread is about.

I know all my other options (watch YouTube vids of random games with no commentary; watch the tournament video but listen to the AoE2 soundtrack audio or someone else’s game audio; turn volume completely off; don’t watch the tournament; listen to AIs battle it out; etc.) But I just thought it might be nice to, you know, watch the tournament and have less (or no) blow-by-blow commentary :sweat_smile:

You know how some TV programs have dual audio to choose from (i.e., English and Spanish, or French, etc)? A similar solution here for the tournament would be to have another audio channel… but that other channel would have ‘no commentary,’ so we can just hear the game’s audio.

Some people just like to hear game audio.

I dont think this is realistic. They cant even get spectating working without constant crashes, so how would they implement an option of different sound. TV programs can do this since they have their own platform and programmers, this is not the case for mixer, nor for twitch. This would mean, either make a second stream (with probably only you as a viewer) or program their own platform.

Btw, I know from many people who watched vids on Vipers channel back in the day, where he is not commenting but having music in the background. It was horrible compared to nowadays. Constant attack noises, fast clicking while playing some melodic song. You are absolutely right that this forum is for suggestions and obviously, its great that you are sharing your thoughts, because that is what keeps communities alive - but right now, I feel like there should be a million other issues on the devs list and neither Nili nor his “Overlay guy” could change the existing game towards such a solution (meaning having 2 voice channels).

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Do you think having two commentators are needed for each match of the tournament? What about just having one?

yes having commenters is needed for a variety of reason… why do you think theres commenators during any sporting event? Dead air might be good for you but it kills the entertainment value which drives viewers of the event. the commentary, insight and updates is what keeps you in the action and able to learn and follow along with the match.

You’re asking them to do two separate streams of an event because you want it silent but still gotta hear game noises… which just doesn’t seem like a good aspect of time.

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recorded games will be released on AoEZone just like in any other tournament. check website after event, qualification matches are already there


Ask Robo and Nili to make some of the recorded games available somewhere and you’ll get to see the games without commentary :blush:

:slight_smile: You’re a little misguided and mistaken if you think that’s what I’m asking for. Commentary audio could be a simple overlay on the video that you toggle on or off. Problem solved. That’s probably, ultimately, what I’m asking for.

At this point, let’s just let Microsoft do the focus groups, use cases, brainstorming, and feasibility studies on this one :wink: (… but only if they want to or think it’s worth it). And for next year or other tournaments later in the year; not this one.

You’ve all shared your points, but I feel you’re missing my general point, for the most part. It’s okay, though, the tournament looks cool and the commentary is stellar. Very good players taking part in that tournament!

No, no… it’s totally okay :slight_smile: No need to spend time on post-event customizations for my sake; there’s a good chance I wouldn’t have the time or energy to watch after the fact. I just thought it’d be neat to watch a bit more during the live moments, but please know I’m a casual viewer to all this. Definitely not a die-hard spectator of games, in general. I do enjoy watching form time to time, though.

You’re a little misguided and mistaken if you think that’s what I’m asking for. Commentary audio could be a simple overlay on the video that you toggle on or off. Problem solved. That’s probably, ultimately, what I’m asking for.

Again man, it’s not a program Nili or anybody else has programmed, but twitch. There is no solution for what you want on Twitch other than having two streams. Or is your aim to suggest Twitch should be changed? Then an Aoe Forum is probably not the right place.

Do you think having two commentators are needed for each match of the tournament? What about just having one?

Well, I personally loved Viper/Dave and Hera/Dave as commentators, the combination of a Pro-player and Caster is all I’ve ever wanted. On the other hand, BBQ Turkman and Ornlu were one of the worst combinations I’ve ever seen PERSONALLY. But how arrogant would I have to be to say my views are the only right views.
So the fact is, the most well-known commentators except maybe Zac for AOE were invited and that’s basically how it should be IMHO. And as long as there is no way of choosing commentators (which would mean sooooooooo much more work for tournament organizers), I don’t think they could do it better than they did for NAC III :slight_smile:

There’s no requirement for it to be on Twitch :wink: The sky is the limit. We sent people to the moon half-a-century ago; I’m not worried about adding an overlay to a stream… Twitch, Mixer, or otherwise. I think outside the box and see possibilities, rather than get tunnel-vision.

I ended up watching a few more matches, and the commentary was still quite amazing to listen to. The matches were impressive to see, too. They all definitely know their AoE, and I was able to pick up some strategies to try out.