Nizam Fusilier OP Otto build

What the heck is up with Nizam Fusiliers having God powers to destroy anything and everything in their path? They have a x2 multiplier vs cav and infantry.
Otto can field 15 of these insanely OP units by 5:40 with the Sublime Port card and there’s nothing you can do about it, followed by a very reasonable Age3 time where they get shadow teched and spahis come out to seal the deal.
How are you supposed to deal with nizam fusiliers?
Please nerf this horrendous strategy by making fusiliers a fortress age unit.

Where’s the strat to learn it?!

lol :heart:

sorry i actually was the one to start doing it… im glad people are using it


It’s stupidly simple to execute:
Build house and mosque
3 vill
Age with philosopher prince
Keep all vills on food
Send advanced church cards
Send sublime port (converts all food to greater amount of wood)
Click new order infantry (2500w) for 15 nizam and attack move
And gg


Do recorded games of older patches work on most recent builds?

pretty sure is from this patch try the rec and let me know. i can make another if otherwise

Well congratulations, you’ve discovered a veryOP build. lol
Kudos for creativity, but seriously I think it needs a nerf.

lol thx… i’ve beaten high elo people with it… but i dont think is op though… you can defend if you know is coming…

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Most church mercenary shipments only work in Age3, because they’d be OP otherwise, why is Otto the exception?

New Order Infantry was changed to commerce age in one of the latest patch

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How do you kill a unit that counters everything yet isn’t countered by anything?

yumis and long bow maybe xbows in good amounts are pretty effective vs nizams

Nizams do 40 damage per shot to xbow or yumi…

Yeah I just got rolled by a player using this. As if we needed more lame metas. This game has really jumped the shark. It’s out of control. If you don’t use one of the op strats you are going to lose and it’s not competitive. You get rolled over and over and then when your rank falls you simply roll all the low players you are now matched against. Such a sad situation.

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There is no need to Nizam Fusililer nerfed. Nizam fusililer is the aim of the player at long games. If it is nerfed, I think nizam cedid infatry can be trained from Barracks. I dont like to train so many janisarry.

“Nerf” as in make it a fortress age unit again where it belongs.

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If so, please make nizam age 3 unit again :rofl:

2500 wood 15 nizam fusilier. 2 cards are spent for this. And nearby foods are destroyed. Being strong is normal. It can be met with economy and wall and skrmisher. Also not good on maps without tp. I’ve been doing this since the first day the update came out. Not an op at all. You can also beat it easily if you work on buildings and walls. It has too many weaknesses.