Nizan na era 2 e muito problemático

remova a tecnologia dos otomanos que fazem ter 12 Nizan na era 2 para ser apenas disponível na era 3 pois Nizan praticamente uma unidade 2 em 1, os otomanos tem um carta que troca comida por madeira os jogadores apenas os coletam comida e mandam essa carta na era 2 e muito problemático lidar com Nizan na era 2 pois essa unidade mata cavalaria no modo defesa e mata infantaria no modo normal isso e um sacrifício pra civi que não tem skimish na era 2

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It’s not that great and very expensive to send, you either need to gather all the wood and send church card, or gather food, send the card that converts food to wood and then send the church card.


mano tem cara que faz isso em 6 mim e a economia fica totalmente salva, lembrasse que otomano treina de vill de graça e tem 400 de madeira no começo sem contar os tesouros do mapa

Not that great. That unit counters everything you can make for the most part and has a significant mass.

It’s very all in though, if it fails he’s wasted multiple shipments, likely has 0 economic upgrades and whilst otto villagers are free they are slow to train so you will have a far greater eco.

They’re strong units but as I said the strategy is all in, they’re not that great age 2 and you can win for sure, if he does that age 2 he won’t have much siege so you can use tc fire, send the town militia card etc and kill the nizams, once you pick off a few he has no way to replenish the mass and is down in eco with no way to age.

mano você ja perdeu ou ganhou algum jogo pra essas unidades ? como você lidou ???

I have thousands of games played so yes, was recently trying them out and as I said it’s all in, once you start to lose the mass it’s gg.

It is certainly a powerful unit, but it has weaknesses:

He is not mele tolerant or distant tolerant.
It is not too strong in the second age.
It requires sacrificing a lot of economy to achieve them in a second age (even with the card that turns food into wood).
It cannot be created en masse (Maximum 17 if you send another 5) and if you choose this strategy it is almost certain that you will not have immediate military buildings.
It can achieve range of 20, but requires field of vision and loses bonus against infantry.
Defensive buildings repel them very well.
The player will take time to reach the age of fortresses.

I would say that this unit serves to press and control the map, but it is not conclusive. If you have this unit you can be calm for a while and you can strengthen yourself while the enemy prepares a strategy to fight against the nizam. At age 2 it functions as a deterrent, but it is certainly powerful.

What you need to do is advance to age 3 and do a combined army. Create skirmishers because after all he will still be a musketeer.

5 in 1 :grin:

I also don’t like them but most people don’t care because Ottomans lack a diverse army but this unit is simply ridiculous because they are far too powerful.

Everytime condensing several roles into one unit is done, we have an OP unit (coff coff Caroleans :roll_eyes:)

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