No attack stance on buildings

There should be an option to put a castle or tower on no attack stance so that sneak castle drops or tower chains will not alert your enemy by shooting at a useless house.

For example I just lost a game of Portuguese mirror on Arena because of this. The other player went fast imp while I tried sneak castle drop him. The plan was to blast his wall with petards and make a few mangonels and organ guns. Unfortunately for me even though the castle was out of his walls vision there was a house near by that gave away my position after the castle started shooting it.


The idea doesn’t sound bad for me, and seems strategically interesting, but I think castles are better always attacking than not attacking and being destroyed because you forgot to turn the attack on. The only situation it would be usefull is in the one you had, all the others they better be attacking.

Its also useful when going tower rush. Lets say you want to tower opponents wood line but you want to build a tower behind first like a chain of towers so that your tower cant be rushed by vils. If that first tower you built attacks a house then he will know you are there and make a counter tower before you even start building your tower on his woodline

Hate the idea, like people start trading and teaming in FFA with this much easier.

You can finish the towers at the same time, or the supporting tower even later.

Well thats true but it would be cleaner if you already build it and wall around it and then make the second one. But yeah its not a big difference I guess it mostly applies in Arena when castle dropping. Maybe its not big enough to actually be useful…

Well correct me if im wrong but arent FFA games usually have diplomacy so you can just ally any player you want?

FFA and diplo are two different things. FFA means teams are locked and everyone is versus everyone. In diplo you can ally up and win together. Unless it is last man standing, then it is a diplo with only 1 winner.

Might be a neat idea. And then start automatically shooting if it gets shot at or attacked, so we don’t have to worry about manually enabling its attack

Also proposed on that topic.

Although, one problem I just thought of. You build a bunch of stuff around the dormant towers and castles and when you’re not looking, enemy starts attacking everything but the non-shooting towers and castles; so they never get triggered. You lose a bunch of buildings. That’s problem #1. Another problem is that the only way to re-enable their attack mode is probably to select each one or all of them and put them back to attack. Might feel a bit like opening and closing gates, or packing/unpacking trebs in HD… neither of which I particularly enjoy doing