No background music during gameplay

Game Version: Age of Mythology EE

  • Build ((2.7.4 beta /preview))


I don’t have background music during gameplay. The sound effects work and there is music in the main menu and during cutscenes but there is no music playing during gameplay. I looked up the game directory and the music files are actually there and playable in Windows.

I’ve seen online that this is supposed to be some old issue that’s still a thing somehow, that’s quite baffling after so many patches.

Reproduction Steps:

I have no idea.

I managed to find a fix and most likely the cause for this bug.

If I change the date and time format to English (US) in the region settings of Windows the game will play the background music during gameplay. My original date and time format was Hungarian so maybe a format that’s different than English is somehow causing the issue.

Also: AoE 3 has the exact same thing happening when the date and time format is not English with the added effect of the fps dropping to the single digits in the main menu and on the home city screen.

Pls fix this, thanks.

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