No balance change for steppe lancer?

that would be interesting as well, would love to see it implement actually. Of course the combat stat needs to be lowered if they become trash units.

Interesting… 20 Char

I suggested that before.
And people seem hard to accept it.

Come on Parthnan, do you really need to make it so obvious to the point you arrive to quote one of your old threads? 11


And also, Indians did get split as he had called for in his most popular thread, ofcourse we didnt get 8 South Asian civs, but atleast we got 4

I think they should focus on making Steppe Lancers a specialized raiding unit, give them a bit more PA and a bonus against vills
This would make sense historically and give them a unique niche/specialization


It’s strange, because you talk exactly like him and you have done so way before this comment.

No, they have not. He proposed so many things that even if a few of them were partially implemented, it does no mean that his ideas were implemented.
In fact, talking about his balance ideas, almost nothing, like his concept of UU being always viable (and only he knew what he meant with that) and always a go to, has been implemented. The swordsman has not become a main staple of the castle age, the steppe lancer is not an alternative to the paladin and many other things, included a rant on archers that completely missed the point on the unit so many times it is not even funny.
You make him look like a saviour, yet he was banned because he was absolutely insufferable, ignoring every criticism and not wanting to learn anything about this game that went against his ideas (which were most of the time without ground)

Like a lot of people had called, you mean

You agree with him on so many things and you talk like him because it is the same person on two different accounts


Both solutions sound possible. I was very uncertain about removing the scout line or the knight line. But considering the last trend (for indian civs but also for winged hussar) it might be a good idea. SL might be a unique upgrade to scouts for 2/3 civs.

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I really like the idea but I think it is much more difficult to balance

Considering things like pre massing in feudal age and upgrading in SL in castle age? How will the cost work? Will it replace LC or be yet another tech on top of LC.

Knights need no if it’s the 2nd options SL will take a big investment to reach, and how do you justify the cost? Of pure food. Since it now becomes endlessly spammable in imperial, so it needs to keep poor stats, considering Tatar and Mongol bonuses makes it even harder

I think it’s easier to keep it as a complimentary alternative to scout line. Similar to magyar huszars. Meaning it fills a very similar roll to scouts but doesn’t have the pre-mass or tech or endless spam issues mentioned above.

Or replace the Knight line.

I would be happy with either change. But I think removing Knights and buffing up to a similar level is much easier and it’s what aoe4 did to “lancers” being a clone of knights(with civs having varying unique advantages) Obviously we don’t need to do the same but it gives an indication

I think making the SL bulkier and removing the Knight is easier to balance than replacing the scout line. 3 out of 3 have camels to deal with opposing knights. So that isn’t an issue. Meaning it can still do the other roles knights cover. And only cumans don’t have H camels, but have their insane eco and a variety of options to compliment the SL

+20hp +2PA. cost to 60f/50g. Speed to 1.4

In that thread he proposed cost reductions or stat buffs to the unviable UUs. And that’s exactly what has happened since his ban.

Either you are not reading the thread original post, or you are pretending not to have read it.

Also you use this tactic on someone who disagrees with you typing them into that other person, and therefore winning the argument at virtually no cost. Nice strategy.

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Except you know. His goal was unit balance and for uu to be seen. And most still arent seen all that much. So how much did his ideas actually pan out?

As a matter of fact even some of the ones that saw more common use are now seeing LESS use then some of the stuff he wanted buffed.

This is what we need, and this is exactly what Parthnan proposed in a thread made specifically for this which I found on his profile and linked.

@Nheltarion so will you now say @FearfulSugar350 also is Parthnan?

And unlike him, thry didnt get the 8 he called for, but the far more reasonable 3 or 4 others pointed out was a better option.

I think it could be a unique upgrade to the scout line, replacine light cav and hussars (by the elite upgrade)

This is also good. Maybe an imperial SL should be given cumans since atm they relay on paladins.

I think the problem with step lancers is that they are not useful in general
And my idea is to give them bonus damage against the pikemen line.

This is the case, knights are the default cav unit, light cavalry is the trash and mobile unit
You have camels against cav, the shrivamsha against archers and elephants against heavy units

The step lancers are mediocre against every unit. Then, make them less mediocre against the most common counter: pikemen

I was thinking on +7 for the basic unit and +14 for the elite version. Its NOT cost/effective yet but its a little more close and it would be an interesting dynamic on the game for a couple of civs which don’t have any good answers against pikemen


Dragonstar vs. Miguel shows their damage is fine vs. pikes. They just need mass, which is usually hard to afford in castle age. If I had to buff them vs. pikes, I would give them more cav armor instead of bonus damage.

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I think having Steppe Lancers available in Feudal Age would be interesting, something along the lines of what’s been done for Gujaras having access to camels early. It might incentivize building them for an early castle army


Lol you guys ever played vs a player that gets 20 sl in castle? Well they rip and tear… mongol ones are plain op