No beta key, is there any chance i can still get one?

Hi guys, hello moderators, is there any possibility i could still get a beta key for AOE III DE? I played this game since 2000s. It would be for a me a great pleasure to beta testing this game before the launch. I’m a little bit disappointed i didn’t get one…


Hi @VincBonJovi, The release date for AoE III DE has not yet been announced so there will probably be more opportunities to receive a beta invite. Keep an eye out on social media for announcements of when invites are sent!


Same here, no key. I feel you.

I was super ready to test and discuss the beta here, and I was super excited… but seems I’m not in luck! :frowning:


still anything… so sad…

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Me neither :frowning: i keep hoping !

I hope we get one beta key guys.

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Yeah I feel ya. Really looking forward to the beta too

Yeah. I am waiting for beta key too. Maybe i will buy original game ( because i lost my cd :slight_smile: ) and wait. Play story and wait.

I am so excited to see there is development rocking on this franchise again. I have long been a fan of the series and still play AOE 3 fairly regularly.

hi all,
After a few month without a stable connection/ computer, I’m back on the scene.

How about now, what do we have to do to be part of it, …
IS this still possible ??
I know its a bit late but hope is always my friend :slight_smile:

just sign up for the beta invites and keep an eye out on the forum here :slight_smile: if there are new beta events you will hear it here first

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