No CA, HC, SL buffs

Let myself decide what feedback I consider important


The fact that the rumours of a CA buff made people think that the animation had changed and that they were doing better in the streams only reinforce my opinion that CAs are just the same as ever and people should just practice with them (which means: stop trying to rush with them as if they were knights)

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Cavalry Archers were always a “meh” unit without upgrades and good Feudal Age damage for buying enough time to reach a critical mass that one-shots Knights, even in Voobly. Why almost every pro player suddenly forgot this in Definitive Edition and are playing Cavalry Archers like Knights is a mystery. Yes, I’m aware about odd stop-micro behavior. That’s in Voobly too. If there truly is a difference between Voobly and DE, then it’s in Cavalry Archers as a strategy and not the unit itself. And by that I mean full walling is so much more common in DE than in Voobly that it’s very difficult to deal that crucial early game damage a Cavalry Archer strategy needs for buying enough time to reach a critical mass with upgrades.

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