« No cards » gamemode in AoE III in the same spirit as the « full tech tree » gamemode in AoE II

A lot of people who aren’t AoE III fans yet have got problems with the cards/shipments from the home city. Especially AoE II fans are not used to be able to get ressources (etc.) from outside the map itself.

In AoE II, memorizing the applying tech tree can be hard. Even pros like Hera check from time to time the tech tree during a game (he for instance did during the last NAC finals). The full tech tree gamemode makes this very easy for beginners. It’s hardly used, but it’s there for those who like it or want a change, just like using for once cheatcodes in single player.

Some are against such a “no cards” gamemode because they are such a huge part of the game. In fact some civs. are even specialized in it (like the Germans or Spanish). But this is also true for the “full tech tree” gamemode in AoE II ! Some civs. are “specialized” in having a wide open tech tree, like the Byzantines, Chinese or Saracens (except for the missing cavalier upgrade, which is bad, the Saracens actually have a much more open tech tree than the first two mentioned civs.).

I believe a “no cards” gamemode could attract more interest from AoE II players to try AoE III out, if one huge (if not biggest) change can be removed. The beauty of an extra gamemode being of course, that it doesn’t change anything for the usual fans. They, me included, can just ignore that gamemode, like AoE II’s “full tech tree” is mostly ignored (me included, although having Persian elephants w. heresy is pretty cool). :slightly_smiling_face:


Y I agree with you, for ppl that havent played more than 50hours to aoe3 it can be hard to get started. I agree with you that having a tech tree and a resume of the strengths and weakness of each civ would be really good for everyone new

there is no need for grinding with the DE, since there is none.

The issues is, without “cards”, the whole concept of Aoe 3 doesnt work…as u allready stated. So in order to play the civs to its bonuses, all card improvements have to be integrated in the normal tech trees in the buildings themselves, which needs quite a lot of time to figure out i bet (considering its over 100 cards per civs - in which building do you place what?)

Its easier to just get used to the “deck play” - as a former aoe 2 player here, gotta say, at some point you love the homecity system if you get to know it better. I know all cards by heart now.

Its also easier to have an overview over your enemy with the deck system, since you can check his deck aswell during the game and maybe allready know what he might be going for. There is a lot of strategic value in checking decks for the more professional players out there!

Seems odd to say as a former aoe 2 player, but the deck system was actually really a great addition - we just werent ready for it back in a day since it really does change the gameplay alot…


Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t it already possible to play full tech tree matches in the original game?

If not, yeah I’d love to have this option available since it is used in Age 1 DE and Age 2 DE as well (in custom games with either bots or human players).

I’d appreciate any attempt by the developers to please these kind of expectations, for increased player counts and overall new audiences or people who come from other classic strategy games with more traditional mechanics :smirk:

Unlike earlier games, AOEIII has a relatively smaller number of techs you can research from buildings, and many of them go into cards.
So “no cards” is not like unlocking all techs but more like wiping out half of the techtree.

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The best AoE III players usually use decks w. only a small minority of upgrades. The bulk of their cards are units or resources to get an immediate boost, permitting a winning snowball effect.

And besides, AoE II’s “full tech tree” also produces a weird result the other way around: Indian paladin, Persian eagle warrior, Hun Siege Onager… :wink:

If a “no cards” gamemode helps AoE III to be discovered by more AoE II players, that’s just a plus imo. More people could end up discovering (buy) the game as AoE II players and eventually liking it a lot like @AppearedHail33! :smiley:

I agree. I’d like devs to consider this, since it’s a must for me. Cards were something new, for sure, but I’m more of a traditional RTS player, and I’d like this gamemode to be implemented, eventually if not at release.

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I think its better to not have a game mode that removes cards because new player have to learn the new mechanic. Although I think the game should make it more obvious that you are able to pick a card when one is available during gameplay.

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The problem is that AOE 3 without the cards would lose some of its spirit.

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Instead of no card game mode I whish a all card game mode could be granted. That would be much more similar to a full tech tree game.


A good idea for either a mode of play if not the definitive standard is to make enemy home city invisible! I believe is not in the future RTS to have your home city card selection unveiled to your enemy to interpret; your cards should be a secret until of course you ship it and they can scout it out! FIX IT PLZZZ

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I think that to be more aligned with the all techs mode from AoE2 it would fit better a “train all non-unique units and build every non-unique building” mode, so everyone can train everything that could not normally train, so you can have wacky matches with (fox example) aztec mortars and those otherwise impossible army/building compositions.

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