No Delhi Sultanate balance changes and bug fixes on PUP notes?

Hello devs,

I was just going through the PUP notes under Steam discussions and it seems that the bug fixes and changes for Delhi aren’t there.

Am I missing something? I did see that Honed Blades has been moved to Imperial age in the tech tree, so there are definitely some changes made to Delhi , but I didn’t see them in the notes.

Thanks a lot!

there is a pup out for aoe4, link plz

Even N4C banned healing technology and stone wall tower Delhi is still best civ.

Not going to be fun if they are not changed.

Yeah they should nerf some things and also fix bugs like tower of defeat

If I recall correctly, not every change/fix coming in our bigger updates is included in the PUP. That said, I’m not sure what is/is not coming for Delhi, so I won’t comment specifically on that.

The PUP Release Notes can be seen here. Note that you must own the game and be logged in with that Steam account to view.

The PUP should be going this afternoon (US Pacific Time), but don’t hold me to that. Sometimes these things slip a bit…there are a lot of moving parts :slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t think I got invited this time, so can’t play :grin:

@NyanRacinCat PUPs are open to anyone who owns the game on Steam. Learn more about AoE PUPs.

To start playing the PUP build, use the following instructions:

  1. Navigate to your Steam library and right click on Age of Empires IV
  2. Select “Properties…” at the bottom of the menu
  3. Select the “BETAS” tab on the left
  4. In the “Select the beta…” dropdown menu, select “future_live – Public Update Preview”
  5. The build will begin downloading—once complete, you are ready to play!

Honed blades going to imp in tech tree is a note error right? I thought the bug was it showed as imp in tech tree already and needed to be moved to Castle. Moving it to imp makes House of Wisdom totally pointless unless they are introducing some cool new Castle techs to replace it.

Agree though. No fixes to Delhi landmarks. No fixing upgrades not applying to tower elephant archers. Still absurd imp research times. Just sticking with a version of Delhi that does a couple cool things in early-mid game at high level 1v1 and nothing in teams or imperial with no other way to play but sacred sites.

its kinda clear that Relic is like 1-2 months behind the meta for the game, we think its because Microsoft has a long process to verify builds but its hurting the game and the balance of the game so they need to figure out how to speed it up or be willing to do balance hot fixes.

I think Delhi is actually in a good spot right now but would like to see bug fixes for their landmarks ect (Hisar academy comes to mind still resets if you get imp age techs which just makes it awful).

tower of victory has been fixed