No disk drive to install my age of empires

Hi there, I have the full edition of age of empires 3 on a disk (Each expansion has its own disks as well)
But my new laptop which I recieved recently does not have a disk drive which I can install the games with.
Is there a way I can submit my CD key to someone for an internet download? Or another alternative.

You need to give your cd to someone local and get the game from them.

I don’t know whether making a virtual cd is legal or not.

Use pendrive on other pc to transfer the content from them to you?

I remember that those CD’s have some kind of copy protection which could make them impossible to virtualize to an ISO image using a dedicated tool for that. Also you need to have insert the first CD every time you want to play. For that reason those NO-CD cracks became populair.

You could also buy an external USB CD/DVD writer, but rather - and far more cheap - I would just like to recommend you to buy the game at current Steam summer sale.

If you buy the AOE complete edition (which includes AOE II HD) it will also give you a 5 dollar discount on buying AOE II Definitive Edition at time of release (expected fall this year).

This is incorrect. AoE3 does not require a CD to play it, since that was patched out in the last official update released for the game (in 2009). Otherwise it would be impossible to play the game when bought digitally, such as on Steam.

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Thanks for correcting that small but important detail. Indeed there is an official NO-CD patch now.

Yet, that patch wasn’t available in the beginning of that empire and NO-CD’s were available already before they released that patch if I’m correct. And the original CD versions were protected by securom, correct?

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Right. About how much are the CDs protected against making an ISO, I’m not sure.

I would recommend the same, except it seems that the summer sale has ended for AoE3. I guess waiting for the next sale is still best.

A few deliberate on that spot positioned bad blocks and some verification code were enough at that time.

But MS stopped supporting SecuROM after all since Windows 8 (?) and together with the whole industry the decision was made to move over DRM technology. At that time having an internet connection was a common thing already.

I still can remember the time that MS underestimated internet and so Netscape took the lead.

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