No ELO on the Official Ladders?!?

Why have the devs created a top 200 leaderboard online (when in the last full patch they said they had actually managed to get a leaderboard showing past 200 to work, for it to not actually work in games supposed to from the patch notes) which doesnt even include the metrice that the entire ladder is based on and that is ELO. Why is there a pointless win % statistic on the leader board instead of ELO which doesnt tell you anything about the players as there is no further break down on win percentage by ELO groups (so how well does this player do >2000 ELO, >1800 ELO … < 1000 ELO) as these top playes get matched with players <1000 ELO due to the 7 min queue matchmaking rule.

Its like showing the football league table without showing the number of points they have but decide to include the number or corners and pass accuracy into the table instead of the crucial metric that the entire table is based off of.

This was from the official discord post, but some of my friends cant see how they stack up globally as they are OUTSIDE THE TOP 200!! which was supposedly fixed last patch but wasnt.

This screenshot was taken from the ladder but you wouldnt have a clue what rank these guys are if you didn’t know them from the community, because there is no ELO

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I definitely agree that ELO ranking should be visible and also all players should be able to check their stats (not only first 200).
I’m assuming that this is the first version of the online rank table and it will be expanded in the future.

ELO is available on the leaderboards now. Thanks for pointing out the miss! We hope to have individual stats for III DE soon, but still a work in progress.

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Thank you for reacting so quickly :slight_smile:

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Edit: seems like this thread was for aoe3. Nu respons was for aoe2.