No fix for this AI issue yet?

This error has been about three months since the one year anniversary patch in November.

I can’t play any single skirmish against the A.I. due to this.

Strange enough, only a few people have the same issue as me.

What’s this? How can I fix it?

My PC is Windows 10, 64bit. The game is on Steam.

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Ever tried to deinstall the game and preform a fresh installation?

I have this exact problem also. Reinstalling does not help.

I don’t have this problem and just completed the New Years event while playing only against AI.

I’d rather have this issue than the crashpocalyspe since recent Patch. Hopefully they extend the event or atleast remove the daily requirement(outdated) to get achievements. Might just have to mod them in anyway lol

You should post it under that “report a bug” section of the forum.

I think you should check if you have any mod that changes the AI and delete it. I’ve seen people having similar issues before and fix them this way.

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Like CactusSteak said you have to get rid of all AI mods you have. For some reason they have path issues causing the AI scripts to not work and hence prevent from playing skirmishes vs AI.

Like CactusSteak said you have to get rid of all AI mods you have.

But I didn’t subscribe any AI mod.

This happened to me after last patch (25th January). Happens to me for any types of AI, 1v1 skirmish or scenario editor. And I don’t use any AI mod either.

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