No garrison healing is not fun

So, there is a mini game that is fun. The mini game goes as follows. You send out a group of units. You manage to skirmish with them. Then you get some kills. Then you come home and heal up.

But no garrison healing here is a thing, and that’s FUN. >:D (because reasons which nobody can fathom)

The devs are just not looking at the various mini interactions that made age of empires enjoyable. Running around with units at 0% hp because you have one small group of monks, and your units have to run to like 5 different locations to counter units… is fun. -.-


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Yeah, I saw this and was disappointed that units no longer heal when garrisoned. I hope this changes.

Garrison healing even if it’s slow makes more sense than magically getting healed by a monk or something. It should be available even as a research

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