No guard or patrol commands?

This seems like an obvious thing to have that has been in other games. I wanted to command my longbowmen to guard a villager while he makes a wall and saw the button is not there?


Yeah this is a pretty major oversight (still not acceptable if it’s actually as designed).

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Well, it is has designed. XD

The patrol command has been added recently. Do we have any comment on the guard command?

Big Necro. Devs have confirmed they are looking to rework the formation system. No details on how.


It would be great if you could at least choose the order of the units so, for example, the spearman are always on the front and the archers on the back and, if you wish, the chivalry even behind the archers or whatever order you desire.

I agree 100%. There’s a post in bug reports on Unit Formation Rework you might enjoy.

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