No horsey clip-clop

Cmooooon man! You could hear the horses gallop in the technical stress test and it was amazing! A big mass of horses charging, all screaming at the enemy, FEELING the strength of that cavalry. It was right out of a movie!

And now the sound is gone. It’s just mute running, and that’s not the same. I praised the game sound design in the stress test, and now I’ve been handed over a worse version of it… Or is it a bug that will soon be fixed?

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It is still there? You might want to zoom in a bit to hear it, I guess the sound design is still set for the “old” zoom level just like the fog.

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Id like a noise when way pointing the scout just to reassure myself i have indeed clicked it !

Hmm, I can still hear it.

Heads up for everyone, not a bug neither deleted. In the options, go to sound, and switch from “low” to “high” on the sound quality. Not sure why mine was on low, but yours probably shouldn’t be either.

after that just restart the game and the horsey clip-clop is back. Sorry for the mistake!


We actually cannot zoom-in like a closed beta version. It was so much better and the graphics were so crisp. I was able to see all the small details of the units. Now it is all blurry and too far away even I zoom in all the way close. It just feels too far away at the closest camera setting. Would like if they allow us zoom in and out all the way.

Or even flags like in AOE2?