No information for Unit upgrades

I cant seem to see any info on unit upgrades. For each research upgrade it tells me what it does when I hover over it. Example:

Forestry - Double the rate at which villagers chop down trees
Wheelbarrow - increase the carry capacity of villagers by +5 and their movement speed by +15%

However when I goto upgrade units, it tells me nothing.

Example: Upgrade all Spearman to Veteran Spearman

How am I supposed to know if a Veteran Spearman is worth the upgrade at the point I’m at in the game if I don’t even know what increase in stats a Veteran Spearman gets? It seems to be like this for all the unit upgrades. It just says upgrade the unit but does not tell you what upgrading the unit does. Is this a bug, as it seems strange that this info is missing from every unit upgrade from all factions.

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