No July PUP?

Oh I see. Ok then, cool.


They usually release updates on Tuesdays. If only it were tomorrow…

Personnellement je pense que le prochain Pup ne sera pas avant la sortie de AOM retold

Try September
20 char

I get the impression that the developers are focusing all their efforts on polishing AOM-R, so we won’t have updates until after its release.


I think exactly the same!
Hopefully when they get done with AOM RE, we will get an updated AOE 3 DE!

I’m still counting on September.

which September? 2034?


No, but wrong forum…

lol, im waiting retold to do not play aoe3 more, aoe3 is just dead. no improvement at all.

September 4th, or a week earlier:


Was actually asking mostly in how it might impact AoE3. I don’t care too much about AoM, but it is common speculation that the AoE3 devs are helping on AoM. That means the AoM calendar might impact AoE3.

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Sure, no February\March\April\May\Jun\July\August\September PUP.

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Try September 4202 :alien:


I’m afraid Retold gonna receive the current aoe3 treatment within months of their release

that would be extremely bad

This has been know a while ago
Because it has been done in AOE 3 DE Engine!

Well, if they used base AoE 3 DE as base, the engine by now should be better than when DE came back, so there shouldnt be much bugs. OFC AoM Retold have some differences but I would say that are minor

Second, I doubt AoM will have big redesigns like AoE 3 DE civs. Sure, new Pantheon Gods would add some new tech and some new Myth units but maybe if they recycle half of the current ones seems is not that work.

But yes, OFC new DLCs like Chinese and the other second will drawn a lot of manpower

I wonder, if they are working on improving the underlying engine for Myth, if some of the improvements might be backward compatible such that they can, say, improve pathing for both games


tbh I find AoM did have better pathing for melee unit compared to legacy aoe3 and current DE