No lobbies in the lobby browser, please help!

Use the Reset Filters and Refresh button, always works for me

Unfortunately I have tried that many, with no success, but thank you for trying to help.

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Hey, have you updated the game today? If so, the problem persists?

Happens to me too, how can i solve?
I reinstalled the game and nothing has changed.

Finally it was fixed with the last update :smiley:


I did update the game that day, but same result. After trying a bunch of things, I logged onto Steam with another account on my computer, and, viola, everything was there. Going back and forth it seems the problem is, somehow, with my Steam account.

All the settings I could find are the same, I wonder what I’m missing.

I suggest you contacting steam support to ask about any restrictions on your account.

There seems to be no way to do this. Clicking on Support when I follow the succession of links it tells me I have to contact the game manufacturer, and gives me links.

Log into you steam account, get to this link and scroll all the way down until the ‘Contact the steam support’ option. There you should get access to support.

Question: on this secondary steam acount you have another license for the game or used the game from the main account via family share?

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Used family share, so the computer is the same, and the settings seem to be the same

Thanks, sent them a message with the issue. Hopefully there is an account log that will show what the difference/problem is.

My matching lobby quit working after I disabled cross-network play within the options menu. I suggest taking a look at your options to ensure cross-network is enabled. If you just prefer not to play with XBOX users or PC, you can always pre-screen the game’s players before joining.

You brought me an doubt: to crossplay work, the setting must be activated to both ends, or just one end with crossplay activated could already see and play with other platform user? My guess is that it only requires to be activated at one end…

Anyway, if you play on Xbox I suggest you to never disable crossplay, since the great majority of the playerbase is on steam. I’ve seen some reports before about Xbox users that couldn’t get to play online just because the crossplay was disenabled.

OMG , I was enjoying the game for few day then suddenly the issue came back again !!

why is this so difficult to fix !!

whats wrong with you game devs !!!

Hey, have you seen that?

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no lobbies visible kindly fix

Cant create lobby either

I just bought the game again fom steam (previous one from windows store) and its working fine for the steam version only ( windows version has this issue)

Did you get a refund?

no because I was using xbox game pass to play the game , in fact this is the only game I play with xbox game pass so I think I will cancel the subscription now

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Maybe this helps someone:
I got the Microsoft Store version. Yesterday, I couldn’t find matchmaking or lobby games anymore.
Then I went to the Store app, to Updates and downloads and saw that there is an update for the game that is not downloaded automatically… Although auto updates are activated… Epic fail… Wish I got the game on Steam.