No lobbies in the lobby browser, please help!

no lobbies visible kindly fix

Cant create lobby either

I just bought the game again fom steam (previous one from windows store) and its working fine for the steam version only ( windows version has this issue)

Did you get a refund?

no because I was using xbox game pass to play the game , in fact this is the only game I play with xbox game pass so I think I will cancel the subscription now

Maybe this helps someone:
I got the Microsoft Store version. Yesterday, I couldn’t find matchmaking or lobby games anymore.
Then I went to the Store app, to Updates and downloads and saw that there is an update for the game that is not downloaded automatically… Although auto updates are activated… Epic fail… Wish I got the game on Steam.

lol , thats true …

I found an update in the store !!! what is this BS microsoft

I am amazed how does this huge company make such a terrible app store !!!

I don’t mean it as a defense to the twisted Microsoft Store way of updating some apllications, but every DE official post about updates recommends doing it for both platforms when a update arrives.

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There were 2 reasons for why I never bought MS Store version, both related to MS
This was the first

thanks, I did not know this, but it worked. now I can play again. Thank you

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