No longer able to run AOE II DE

Game Version:

  • Build No Idea, game won’t load


Computer goes directly to Microsoft Store

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Click on AOE II DE Icon, computer lauches MIcrosoft Store and goes Gaming Services which it indicates is installed

Bougth the game a couple weeks. I plaae AOE2:DE bout 10 times or so. *only play against the ccomputer because my ping is 600 ms on a good day. Don’t have many of those.

Today when I try to play the icons are gone from my desktop. I run dual monitors and they are gone from both monitors. I went to the start menu and I click on AOE2:DE and insttead of launching the game I am transfer to the Microsoft Store to “Gaming Services”
which the page states is already install. WTF?

I have a 55 meg data cap that cost almost $250 a month. This a satellite connect and ATT. I have used all of that this month to play a game 10 times. You should test this stuff better before you sale. I signed as a user not an Alpha tester!

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