No masteries tracking during gameplay

Hello. I would like to speak about that there is no tracking of masteries.

If we have to win game vs Easy AI, thats simple. But there is something like “kill 20 enemies with infnantry with support of camels” “gather 1500 resources from traders before age III” in moment we are spending resources or our camels are moving, we cant basicly count the numbers and thats frustrating.

I’d like to turn on (or not) the tracking option masterie that i would like to achieve, then i have numbers like that on my screen and thats easier to achieve.


I agree! Have also noticed this and I’d like to see this implemented into the game.


Yes please! That’d be great. The masteries are usually things like ‘do this X amount of times,’ and it’s pretty frustrating to do a whole match just for it to be the wrong amount.