No matchmaking for Return of Rome?

This game is dead when it just came out. :frowning_face:

Without matchmaking I can’t queue 1v1 and team 2v2/3v3/4v4 at the same time, making it troublesome to find random people to play with.

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I think matchmaking may be coming as it was mentioned in the last dev update


Not soon enough sadly…I mean im happy its coming but I wish it dropped when it came out


The last update also introduced a ranked button for RoR that redicts you to the ranked lobby browser

I can’t live without the aoe2 ranked auto matchmaking :cold_sweat:. It’s just a copy-paste, pls.

The game was already dead, dunno why the extremely high expectations, the game balance is terrible and the civ design is bad and it is not changing without changing everything from scrap and using aoe2 balance or even copy the most advanced ensemble studios work on halo wars as that was their last rts and those guys clearly were the pioneers balancing rts.

But i will say it again, there aren’t players and there will never be on the MP to sustain a MM system for the aoe1, if aoe2 with +17k players is still matching me with with +800 elo difference then dunno what can you guys expect on DE if the game barely peaked 50 users outside vietnam.

I think it’s not about balance and civ design but rather about not providing a matchmaking system in first place. Lobbies worked absolutely fine before DE when we didn’t had such options on Voobly and HD but meanwhile we’ve got used to matchmaking as its just easier and faster to find a game there.

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