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He is not here to defuse you. People just have different opinions about each and every version and that’s fine.

I’m here quite a long time now and didn’t post that much new likely same topics. That could be considered as spamming. Stick to the post and don’t take things or get personal too much unless in pm.

Actually I owe you an apology for answering his question speaking for you. Please accept my apologies for that!

I just wanted to inform you about what regarding community guidelines could be considered as spam.

You see, nobody’s perfect. And I’m not Terence Hill either. :wink:


Believe me isn’t funny for me. Sorry if im some rude but is just my opinion.
Many times be found people are opposites of us. But I’m not.

This a forum you need stay on topic. Many forums works in that way
In Reddit you be going off topic or in Total War forums.

Concepts are related with thematic.
Graphics are defined by technology, ,Ike user computer, artist skill, imagination. Etc.
Concepts define art, and gameplay.
Gameplay is a simulation of the reality an abstraction of that. So you take reality in this case and put into a feature.
The forums are for discuss, so I take you argument and defuse your argument no your person.
Attaking you is called “Argumentum ad hominem”. , is a fallacious argumentative strategy whereby genuine discussion of the topic at hand is avoided by instead attacking the character,

So im here to take news, read, discuss about history and gameplay, main points of AoE franchise.
Check my other replies to another guys.


hate but no vandalism. thats the point.


hate, where are you talking serious guys


sorry, my apologies if I have an opinion, but you were making assumptions here.
By the waht, why are talking about this, this very off topic discuss.


Please stay on topic and be respectful. Thread locked.