No more meme archers :(

I know the changes to Mayans and Saracens are good for balance but not good for our memes :frowning:
Interesting how meso civs now all have a skirmisher related tech.

Memes be damned…what matters is that AoE2 gameplay is made fun, enjoyable, by keeping all civs relatively balanced with each other.

It was ridiculous that Mayan Archers could destroy buildings with arrow fire. In real life, that would NOT be the case (except with flaming arrows). But in terms of gameplay, it was ridiculous, as it meant that a clever Mayan player can ignore the need to create any siege units (or infantry units, since infantry are the best at destroying enemy buildings besides siege) when assaulting an enemy base.

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I’m just sad they did remove the old saracen CA bonus. I hope that at least they would make the anti-building bonus remain for their CA, but this is canceled too time to make +10 HP mamelukes in castle age instead

Yea I agree. But good luck affording that counter sponge haha. The era of smush is back yay.

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I thought a new team bonus for Saracens “camels do +2 attack against archer-line”. But I don’t know how balanced it will be.

Cavalry Archer bonus can be added. I don’t know why would you select Saracens for just this bonus. Magyars, Mongols for attack; Turks, Tatars for durability if you want to go Cavalry Archers.

If you are Chinese and you have a Saracen ally, you can still kill buildings with Chu Ko Nus. But apart from that, I’m afraid the era of archers destroying buildings is coming to an end.

honestly Saracens just got nerfed hard, and i don’t think the buffs they are getting make up for the lost power.

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Bonus damage doesn’t apply to secondary arrows. So chu ko nus don’t get the Saracen bonus 3/5 times, and kipchacks are worse than CA against pikes because parthian tactics only apply to their first arrow.

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I think Saracens should’ve kept their building bonus damage for Cavalry Archers. Saracens had this bonus before it also applied to foot archers. I’ve never seen anyone complain about the CA bonus like they did with the foot archer bonus. And Cavalry Archers with building bonus damage seems more reasonable than foot archers with the same bonus damage due to CA being harder to mass than foot archers.


It is just one attack, their Market is still broken

No man their market is more than fine because they don’t have any eco bonus except the market and it is not free. You need to buy/sell goods to get the benefit


The market wasn’t a problem before they got siege archers and it should no longer be a problem with said siege archers gone.


Yeah the missiles archers with Mayans/Saracens were the problem


Market is broken, u put 20 (other 10 on wood) villagers to gold and win the game, it requires 0 skill that’s why Hoang can complete with pro players.

if its so dang good, why aren’t they an s tier civilization?


Hoang play Celts not Saracens


It is broken with any civ, not just with Saracens

You mean the market it self is broken?! Not Saracens bonus?!

yes its a great bonus, but like others have said, it’s literally the only eco bonus they have going for them. you want it replaced. be prepared to buff the heck out of them in other places in order to keep them a good civ.

I don’t want to it to be replaced, Saracens should have similar Markets to generic civs, while other civs should have worse.