No news since hell of time

Hey guys
Dear @ms_age_team can we get some news, at least some info about when it come out or when you think the beta will start?


The lack of new information is a sign that they announced this way too soon for the public. Surely they must have some new information to share with us since the announcement?

Anyway, I expect them to tell us something this year, around summertime I’d guess.

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even some gameplay footage would be good! they said they’re playing and testing the game every day and they’re in the polishing phase right now. so just record one of your gaming sessions and upload like 2 minutes of it?!!! ANYTHING


Yeah, it’s a loooooong wait :wink:

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I admit it’s getting long, we could at least have concept art. TOMORROW in Discord :grin:


is there any event tomorrow ?

Nah it’s just meme people are posting in the official age of empires discord server

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Excellent idea! Give us some video footage! Even some static pictures would be better than nothing!!!