No patch this week?

Is the hotfix the only update we are getting this week? I think it shouldn’t be, as it was mainly to revert a change made in the past update, but by no means it replaces the weekly patches. I love this game but it is not in an state where it can afford to have a minor hotfix and call it a week. There are still a lot of errors, on single player and multiplayer, so having a week without a real patch hurts morale. I hope the updates are more significantly than this week’s hotfix going forward.


If it means they will be able to properly test and release a big patch next week without breaking some key game mechanic like all previous patches have so far, I’m all for it tbh.


They could atleast hotdif the biggest exploits. Can’t be too difficult. I am talking about the ones I posted in my thread which since then got removed and I got a warning for spreading exploits…


my god, its like beginners devs