no Polish language in the game

I would like to ask if Polish language will be added to the game in the future? I have a boxed version of the game that I bought in 2008 with Polish and Polish dubbing. The game is officially distributed. If the Polish language was available in the past, why is it not available now?
The normal version of AOE3 on steam also does not have my native language.
Greetings :slight_smile:

arabic language iā€™v waiting since AOE 1and i asked but there is no response :sleepy: even if they allow gamechat to write any language its ok to us they should have to added more upgrades for AOE games
i wounder if AOE IV have no languages as before it !!
It is easy to add a language in the game if that game was strategy ,but in the story mode, where can you find the role actors speaking your language?

bump, anybody from DEVS will reply? :confused: