No PUP for the upcoming DLC patch?

Are we not getting any balance changes to old civs alongside the new DLC?

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Some older civs might get some things. Who knows.

I don’t think so. It looks like they made the decision not to tease anything before it’s ready.
I think this is silly, but I don’t expect them to change it until the reelease now after they did it so long.

I just hope they will change this strat in the future.

What I expect in changes:

A) Water rework. Several of the new civs have Water bonusses. It wouldn’t make sense if they would release a bunch of decent water civs without changing anything there.

B) Elephants. Will probably also see a change

I also expect some changes to Portuguese, Poles, Saracens, Chinese and Burmese…Potentially also Mayans, Malay, Sicilians and Italians.

And I hope they finally fix the TG ladder using the exponential average to calc the team elo.

BTW: I just thought about it: The elo system is actually not consistent. It’s a logarithmic projection of the skill level. That would actually need to mean that if two people with equal elo fight each other the loser should lose slightly more elo than the winner, otherwise we get a small “overall skill” increase if you reverse the projection with each game an equally good or better rated player wins… (but a small decrease if a lower rated player wins)


There is a PuP, but it just brings bug fixes and make siege towers drop troops further away. And the AI now tries to place its buildings so tha they form a wall but this might not interest everyone.


I’m just hoping for small Inca buffs, at least to the Farm bonus so that it’s not useless. I’d also like to see other ‘useless’ civ bonuses changed somewhat so they’re not useless. Saracen and Slav Castle UT for example, or even Mongol’s, but I can understand why that might not see changes because they don’t need buffs. :sweat_smile:

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Would be great if we got all these changes, but wouldn’t get my hopes up. Might just see some minor tweaks on things that affect the new civs, then possibly get these other adjustments down the line.

I’m also 100% expecting the map pool to feature more water/hybrid maps.

Maybe we even see some new types of maps?

Also, in hindsight it now possibly makes more sense why Arabia has more ponds, they might have been preparing us for the new civs

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I am hoping for Malians changes
For example:
1.Farm also have 15% wood discount:
It isn’t OP compare to pole, slav, and khmer’s farm
But it can buff them in early game after losing free gold Mining.
2.Not only Universities work +80% faster, but also unit upgrade time:
In late-game, Malians’s gold mine last 30% longer, but it is hard to change the lack of Bracer, Blast Furnace. So it is important for Malians’s player changes strategy in difference situation. Shorter unit upgrade time can make them move to other strategy smoothly, increase the diversity instead of their unit’s strength, and makes the buff (gold mine last 30% longer) more obvious.

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