No PUP or small patch this month

It seems we not gonna have something like that this month, i know the next big update is planned for Spring, but didn’t think it would mean no updates at all, besides the hotfixes.

Still hoping for a small patch for december but doesn’t seem likely if that’s the plan.


The last update was pretty big, i didn’t get the time to enjoy all the changes.


They’re not going to release an update a few weeks before Christmas holidays.


I would be ok with a hotfix, there’s a lot still busted from the last update. Purchased DLCs that you’ve been playing for over a year won’t work, purchased and won skins for explorers won’t work, sometimes. It’s a real mess. I used to play every day, at least 2 hours, got 2,000 hours into this game, and…I stopped, I want the skins I earned, I want the stuff I paid for, and I guess we’ll have to wait for a hotfix or the Chinese New Year update.


i going to assume a very soon to release hotfix, to adress all the dlc, specifically USA dlc and it seems to effect purchased skin packs too being locked for those that bought


There should be Christmas and New Year event, so I think at least we could get an update next month


Es extraño que a varias personas no les desbloqueara algunos cosmeticos o civs de DLC´S pagados, en mi caso nunca me ocurrio algo igual

Apparently it’s a steam thing more than a AOE3 problem. But regardless I imagine it’s been worked on


You usually report the bug and the devs checks their database to allow thst skins.

I dont expect a patch until next year

no major patch before spring, will be interesting knowing what is in store for that patch tho.

It’s weird because age of empires 2 even though it also has big patches from time to time, almost always every month it has a patch

there were like 2 month breaks there as well, around the time 3 DE was in full development and about 2 months after its release, so to me this indicates certain number of devs being moved to AOM Retold, thats what i assume is going on


Hopefully that means AoM is actually going to be good.

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Outside of the occasional hotfix, I don’t think we’re gonna get much before the spring update. Safe to say the 3DE devs have been reallocated to another game between now and the spring update. We’ll start to see a flurry of activity on steamdb once the devs come back to it.

I just want hakka pelit to bee nerfed. No other changes needed.

I think it is still likely we will get small patch in December. This was exactly the case in previous year (16th of December 2021) and as the devs said back then:


i’d say its a likely one to happen

Nerf feitorias, pandours 500gold, delis otto cav, hakkas and start with -1vill/+100 food.

I would like the unit to stay as it is in terms of attack and cadence. It could reduce the resistance points and/or it could increase its price.

Con las feitorias no estoy muy de acuerdi, sobre los pandours no entiendo no los e visto en el juego muy seguido, a los delis hace falta bajarle el hp a 280 y hakkas deben convertirse en caballeria ligera cuerpo a cuerpo y con lo del villager no estoy de acuerdo, ya de por si inician lento eso seria hacerlos más lento