No rewards are given for completing missions

I noticed after completing missions for any nation, no rewards are given for defeating the average ii (strength test 2). even when entering the menu of completed missions, it starts to slow down a lot. there may be some error in the calculation of awards. and this is true of all nations. 2 the statue is not given to anyone


Sorry to hear you are running into this @chelny16! I’ve logged this so the team can check it out.

In order not to do extra work for developers, I am informing the add-ons on my application. I tried to install a gray monument… and it was established. it turns out that the error is only in replacing the gray picture with a colored one.



Thanks @chelny16! Appreciate the update!

I have the same issue. I have completed the Test of Strength 2 for both English and French. I shows it in my history but I am not getting to the next Mastery in either one! This is a glitch please fix asap. How did this get past initial game testing???