No score for Battle Royale?


The in-game score panel only shows players’ ranks instead of scores. Is this intended? Hiding scores doesn’t seem to affect strategies anyway. And rank is clearly a redundant information here. Why not display scores just as in all other modes?

Not sure how rank is calculated, but it might be more valuable than score. After all, score gets boosted by killing units, so if two players wipe each other from the board they might have pretty decent scores while actually not beeing a threat.

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I wish they had some kind of average battle royal finish rank and a elo leader board. Rank 123 gain elo, rank 45 unchanged, rank 678 lose elo.

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My main complaint about quick play is that isnt isnt balanced at all. You will be throw into some random game. Having some elo for this game mode and being matched according that elo seems much better to me. I dont like the current set up from quick play. I made my own thread about this:

Part of the suggestion is also include BR to the ranked queue, so they will have there own leader board.

Oh that’s right! I was stupid to overlook this case. From my limited experience it seems that rank is totally based on population.

I think they want Battle Royale to be a casual game mode, where some mechanics have been simplified. Not showing a score but only a rank fits in that theme.

Of course there is an underlying score that calculates the rank.

I do think rank is calculate different the score. That is why it dont show both. You can also be defeated with high score, since you kill many units, but still be one of the first to be eliminated. So your rank will be for example 6th.