No season elo HARD reset anymore,soft reset instead!

I’m gold1 right now and constantly get matched with people who were dia/conq last season.
Fix this ASAP!

It makes no sense to rank someone down from conqueror to gold after he was unlucky in some matches/got weak teammates and then is ranked gold.
Wtf is this…

There are two sets of MMR, one that determines current season rank, your gold 1, and one that determines who you are matched with, this transfers over to your quickmatch as well. They want you to maintain the skill level you have as a player and to earn the season rank fairly, by playing against players of your skill level rather than season level.

I still don’t understand this.
Just played another time against someone, who was Dia III last season, when I’m only Gold II right now.
This is more than 2 leagues above me.
Sorry but this does not make ANY sense and just discourages people from playing ranked in the early weeks of the season.
Matches are incredibly chaotic right now.

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i have the exact same problem, i’m ranked with peoples that are 1 or 2 rank above its really annoying and i think peoples will stop doing ranked because of poor match making balance

Yep, quite frustrating.
Especially when you play with random people in team against premades of a very much higher skill-level than your own.
Not to blame the random team mates. It’s just that you won’t know how your mate will function before you see him/her play, when playing the first time together. You won’t know their playstyle and don’t really know how to play together and in sync.

When playing with friends in team, you know their playstyle and can communicate in discord for example and literally team up for fights.
In this setup (with my friend in 2v2), I really don’t mind playing vs ranks higher than ours.
In aoe3 (back then in year 2011), when we were pr 30/31/32, we used to love playing 2v2 against pr40+.
It’s super fun when you are synced up team and know exactly how your mate functions and understand each other blindly. You know in which rhythm they boom/pump units, how they treat map control, what kind of military setup they go for, how/when they raid and so on.
With a random player, you lack all these information.

IMO, when playing with a random mate, you should never be matched against a full-premade team of HIGHER rank/points/elo or whatever rating than your own. NEVER.
I’d rather wait 20 minutes in queue for a match.

i have also this problem in solo ranked, its matching me against peoples that are 1 or 2 ranks above its very annoying and frustrating, dev should definitively fix this