No Settings or Home Town available

After a long time, I’ve startet AoE3 again.
But sadly, no settings are saved and after I’ve created my hometown, there is no hometown.
And I’m unable to create a game, since every option is greyed out, except for “manage hometown” where only “create a hometown” is available.

And after every game I have to recreate all my settings.

Is there some config file where I can see where it should save the save files / settings?

The hole issue looks like a file reading problem; but every other game on steam (including AoE2 2013) are just working fine.

Download the following pack that includes all leveled up homecities with all cards unlocked and sample decks:

but sadly, this doesn’t help at all.
It’s not like there isn’t a savefile in the directory; but the game simply won’t read them.
But it can see that there is e.g. “Berlin”, when I try to create “Berlin” a second time.

What happens after you create another Berlin? Do you see all the homecities? Are you playing The Asian Dynasties expansion?

Did you use a Mod before this? Maybe reinstall AOE 3.

  • Uninstall AOE3
  • Then delete the AOE3 map under steam
  • And then delete the AOE3 map under documents/mygames

Sadly, the game won’t let me create another Berlin. And no town is available, no matter which game version (Main game, War Chiefs or Asian Dynasties).

I did - twice - and it didn’t help.
The only change seems to be that it won’t use the Documents folder anymore, only the folder inside the main game folder.

Try naming the HC differently like Berlin2.

I did, and it’s basically the same result with every name I could come up with.
No town available and no chance to re-create a town I’ve previously created, since it’s already created.

Ensure that you run the game as administrator, documents and games folders are installed in their default locations and your documents folder is not pointed to a network drive.

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