No Steppe Lancer or Siege Elephant for Persians?

Tbh with Persians I expected Steppe Lancer or atleast Siege Elephant finally making an entry to Persians but surprised they didn’t. I dont know if balance was a concern but we literally had Hindustanis campaign which specifically talked about it. Also still no Elephant Archer for Burmese or Siege Elephants for SEA civs. What are your thoughts about new Persians? Also odd for not having gunpowder focused civ despite having a campaign about Safavids.


For me, this is a clear result of adhering to the principle. The Iranian plateau is not part of the Eurasian steppes, so the Persians do not own Steppe Lancers. The same goes for Elephant Archers and Siege Elephants.

People guess the Qizilbash has also 1 range as a cavalry unit. Maybe they can unlock access to Qizilbash in some way, such as in a way similar to Flaming Camels where Qizilbash can be trained in the castle after the new UT is researched.

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Siege Elephants not going to anyone outside of South Asia is accurate. India was unique in not inventing battering rams, due to the sheer volume of elephants in the various militaries.

Everything else though, fully agree with. Persians used Steppe Lancers prolifically.


+1 Steppe Lancers = middle asia civs.

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The new balance changes for Persians are very good. They help fund their expensive armies. I would be in favour of adding Steppe Lancers and the Central Asian Architecture to them but otherwise, I do not think it’s a bad rework.


I have created a new topic about this. The post has been postponed.

With the content now unveiled by the content creators on Youtube and the like, it asks the question:

Nobody mentioned this unit:

It is clearly based on the Steppe Lancer template (same pose, same animation, same weapon, same model template really). But no information regarding what it is. Early feudal version? Post Imp version? For what civilization. In the screenshot it looks like the Tatars, but who knows?

A hidden additional content?

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I imagine its just a scenario unit

It’s a scenario-only unit. But weirdly for such a unit, it does have an elite upgrade.

I imagine it was planned for the Persians (or possibly another Islamic cavalry civ), but was dropped and reworked just to only pop up in Ismail’s campaign.

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New PerSia get supper Paladin, :)))) what the bonus Paladin get from pesia

Pray, what is the unit called?

Qizilbash Warrior


They really should have split the Persians and add Azeri for safavids… It seems like they changed idea halfway and the Qizilbash remains there. I guess in Bukhara you won’t be able to get citadels and with Ismail I have no idea, the civ just doesn’t fit for his campaign.

Talking about the Elephant Archer, that should be given to the Khmer because Khmer didn’t use horse archers. So, the Khmer should have access to the Elephant Archer instead of the Horse Archer (Parthian Tactics would still be enabled because that tech does benefit the Elephant Archer).


I just want war elephants to have mahouts lol

Honestly I thought Persians getting Imperial Steppe Lancer

You have pre-applied Mahouts now

Not an actual mahout like the rider lol