No voting for ranked maps?

Why isn’t there a poll yet to vote for the ranked maps starting 02.11? Usually you can already vote on friday for the new maps…don’t tell me we don’t get to vote at all this time :unamused:


Yeah, where is the poll @BBQTurkman?

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I guess when the map pool reverted back to the previous one they reset the voting timer as well, so we’ll probably be voting for a new map pool in 10 days or so

I really need to vote for a new map rotation. I hate these ones, specially RM TG maps

So now we got a map pool without voting(which looks pretty bad too imo)? Yikes.

I was hoping to see at least landnomade/african clearing for nomade…This rotation overall made no sense at all. Hillfort was in the map pool 3 weeks ago…and now its back again…rather than oasis, which is probably way more popular?

That was the previous map pool, i hope they get rid of the voting system, but maybe they were busy with the aoe4 promotion.

voting system must be integrated in the main game.

It’s not or at least not for teamgames. It’s different.

I don’t see a problem with the voting system. Maybe they should make it more easy to vote(ingame) but tbh if sb. is too lazy to vote in this forum, he has no right to complain about the map pool…simple as that.

There’s no trace of the Map Rotation section, so it seems we lost the right to vote for ranked maps.
I mean, not many people took part in it and it’d have been great if they made it an in-game feature… But to completely remove the voting system? Really? This sucks.

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