No Winter Wonderland map

I have finished the task of Day 2 for the Winter event, subscribed, and downloaded this mod, why there is no Winter Wonderland map in the game?

You need to active mods.
Also, you need to reopen the game for it to work.
IF you wanna play online, you have to turn of the mod again and relogg.

THX for the advice. I did all these things but mothing helped(

I have the same problem.
I tried to disinstall the mod and re-install it but it didn’t work.
I also tried to re-install the game, but this bug is still unsolved.
Can someone help me?

I also the same problem
I can’t install winter map , it did’t download
And did’t play multiplayer , let me very angry !

Dear All,

I wrote to AoE support, they explained how to solve this issue.
You have to do the following steps ( I did them and now it works):

  • Remove the Mod from ypour Mods list
  • Close & Restart AoE
  • Re-Install the Mod
  • Close and Restart Aoe

I hope is not too late!