No word from the Dev's?

That’s what a road-map is designed to show, what will come later to the game months away from now, so to whine about that make you sound like you don’t understand the way road-maps works at all.

I think their no:1 priority is bugs. And also some bugs are related to balance issues. (like delhi)

I wish they state their future plans. Some civs are buggy and underpowered and so pratically not in the actual gameplay.

Its missing zoom

Ill start playing again when they add zoom to the roadmap


I am unhappy with the games current condition and the time frame for which the problems are being addressed.

Your response says I don’t know what a road map is and I am a whiner. So basically everyone should be happy and shuttup???


You have every right to express your feedback, and I hope they address the issues soon, but all I did was explain what a road map is as it sounded like you were complaining that you have to wait months for certain things to be addressed and while it’s annoying to wait that’s what a road map is, and let’s not forget that the road map is not written in stone, so things there can come sooner as well.

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in a decent game, they work hard everydays and do updates every days… but in aoe4 this is not real!

this is false but ok . as i know LoL doesnt get daily updates and fortnite neither and those are the most popular games so…

At the end of the day we have to understand while we want many things fixed with this game, they need time to address those issues and provide with a patch. And please stop calling them incompetent as that doesn’t help at all, and honestly is probably not true.

You can still provide with constructive feedback and hope that they fix those issues at the soonest opportunity without calling them incompetent or other name calling. Also, please have patience it’s the holiday season, so don’t expect much from any game let alone AoEIV in terms of new patches etc.

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yet they do quick and very accurate updates with quality, which doesn’t happen here


Lol updates every 2 weeks and in my opinion Riot is the most organized game in terms of updates. They always update something that keeps players coming back.
This game doesn’t need so much frequent updates and also the team is much smaller but it’s true they are very inefficient.

In aoe2 when they launched they would do big updates every month with lots of balance changes.

In aoe4 their updates are weird and fix so little for what they need. I’ve got specially disappointed with their *over 100 balance changes" patch. Man that was the worst joke of an update. Never seen such meaningless changes, mostly small bug fixes just so they could flex on that big number. Bug fixes are not balance changes ffs. Rip Delhi BTW.


So true. The funny part is, many of the bugs they claim to have fixed are still present. And of the hundred they claimed to have addressed, they implemented 30+ to Delhi alone.

People who say we should be patient, have faith, stop being “toxic” (which appears to be the word of the month), appear to be oblivious to the the game as a whole. I woulda had faith and patience if that patch hadn’t been such a complete failure.


As some people claim, is true that looks like if the game was released on a rush. Like if they need have it out before the new year.

Right now Age 2 DE is better game in every single aspect but the visuals of the map. That is pretty odd.

Sample is how age4 players on steam started to go down alarmingly while age2 and age3 keeps or raise.


I know it’s the holidays, but let’s not pretend software companies just shut everything down and go home during the holidays

My teams support multiple releases during this time, and that means communication with stakeholders.

I expect the same thing from Relic

This game is good but it needs nurturing for it to grow

There are a lot of options out there, and bad balance just makes people quit and play something else.

Just tell me your company name so that I can avoid joining lol, our company supports customers but never roll out releases during holidays, sounds like what only chinese 996 companies would do

Also riot is a huge company compared to relic, so I dont think its a fair comparison (not saying they are doing good enough - their communication is rather off imo)


The Chinese won’t work during the New Year holiday. It’s Christmas holiday now. The game patch has to wait until February next year…

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Well I disagree that 4 civs are only playable.
Though I do agree they are awfully slow at fixing bugs and information on the bugs.

Hey be glad that we can all feel comfortable buying from and supporting developers who do not overwork people especially over the holidays.

There is a reason Relic won an award for being one of the best places to work as a game dev in Canada.

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imagine constantly calling the mechanic and tell them that the car doesn’t work when he’s full aware of it instead of shutting the hell up and letting them work lmao

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Yeah imagine some problem with car which should and could be solved within 24h but actually takes months to fix :slight_smile: (Like my post about bans to droppers) altought you paid for all repairs before mechanic even touched the car :slight_smile:

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“could” be solved? what do you know exactly about their deployment processes? are you part of the dev team? you do realize that they literally cannot hotfix stuff (see the replays that stop being replayable at every update), right?

also, you are not paying ■■■■ :slight_smile: you paid the initial version of the game, not the updates. You are not paying a subscription

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