Nomad 4:4 -> Always game dodge

All 8 people want to play nomad -> can go play

but one of eight doesn’t wanna play?

He will resign -> Game is over ->

Over 80% of 4:4 nomad -> not working properly

Please discard negative map system

Positive list -> all users agreed maps -> no dodge game


MS seriously needs to introduce some penalty system for running in the first minute. It’s disrespectful to let 7 other guys wait because one guy is like “I DoNt LiKe ThE MaP So MuCh”.
How should the penalty look like? It shouldn’t be done over losing points, because that could be abused too much to smurf, but rather a timeout to enter the queue, that increases with everytime you do it.


Did it like you recommende, He will left aoe2 world. no need to force particular ladder map. give wide selection of maps it’s only solution

Limiting a playerbase to a forced map pool after 20 years is top disrespect.

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  1. Exponential Queue timeout (CS GO style)
  2. They should force u to get the same map if u quit in first minute 11

I’ve noticed that 4v4 nomads normally end with some player just sending vils all over the map forcing the opponents to get Spies. You don’t really get that much salt in other maps.

They used to track disconnects on one of the systems before steam. And then they introduced this feature of being allowed to quit within the first minute without losing rank. I think it’s a good feature because if you load up a ranked game and it’s not working/lagging you can try to launch another game. But yeah a lot of players use it if they don’t like their map spawn

One thing that would be nice is if the devs could figure out a way to add you back into the queue with priority if you come from a game where this has happened. It’s probably pretty complicated getting all 7 players from a broken 4vs4 and putting them back in the queue with a priority flag to get them matched again even sooner but that’d be very helpful

Just change it to positive selection of maps and not banning. So stupid the way it’s currently done.

So what if they wait until the second minute to resign?

Then u lose points, same way it is now.

OK so people will just lose pts on the maps they don’t want to play on. That doesn’t fix the issue. The only fix is positive selection and not map banning.

Alright let’s recap


With the current system you lose points if opponent is better than u on a certain map, nothing more to it. If you want higher rating then you should learn all maps. That’s what happens when using a general ELO over different map styles… The main problem with this: It’s possible to dodge maps & players by resigning in minute 1 so you can artificially game the system.

A solution to this is:
Resign in minute 1 => Ranked timeout which grows with each infraction (CS GO style)
Resign after minute 1 => lose points (as-is)


Now you propose to have a positive selection which would obviously break the general ELO system they use right now.

So what modifications could they realistically do and what would the consequences be?

  • Try to streamline the map pool and keep general ELO.
    => Semi-Accurate overall ELO
    => Requires almost no dev time
    => People will complain about the map pool being too monotone…
    => People will complain about the map pool being too diverse…
    => People will complain about their favorite map not being included…
    => Best case 80% of player like most maps and 20% are complaining their ■■■ off due to various reasons

  • Implement separate ELO for each map and add positive map selection
    => Accurate map-specific ELO
    => Requires a lot of dev work (lobbies, matchmaking, leaderboards, …) which could be used elsewhere
    => Queue will probably be a lot slower for certain niche maps such as black forest, nomad, arena (if u think a 7 min queue is bad, try a 30 min queue)
    => Everyone gets to play whatever they want so people will be happy

  • Implement positive selection with general ELO
    => Requires a little bit of dev work.
    => General ELO is a semi-useless metric now, it will only represent homemaps.
    => No one will want to play maps other than their homemap 'cause they’ll probably lose points against equal ranked players on their homemaps.
    => Queue will probably be a lot slower for certain niche maps such as black forest, nomad, arena (if u think a 7 min queue is bad, try a 30 min queue)
    => Everyone gets to play whatever they want


There’s not really a golden solution here…

With positive selection, if there’s someone who only wants to play Arena, then he’ll likely be in the minority, and he is incentivized to play other maps by the wait time. He is not forced to which is good. I think positive selection really is the best solution. You’re never going to have people happy with the current system and you’ll never truly unite the community.

If Microsoft really wants people to play Tiny Islands for some reason after all these years, then they can just have a Tiny Islands tournament. They can say you need to have played 20 games of Tiny Islands to participate. Maps should be incentivized and not forced.

Take nomad out of the regular ranked map pool. Add a separate lobby ‘ranking’ (not linked to matchmaking Elo) for people who want to play it and other alternative maps competitively/against people that are at the same skill.

Dadgum. It’s almost like it was there in front of us the whole time.