Nomad in TG Mappool

Dear Age-Team,

can u pls add Nomad to EVERY TG - Mappool. After Arabia and Arena its the most favored map imo.

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Although i personally love nomad. Isn’t it incredibly hated? There’s been many votes where it just loses along with megarandom. Both due to their luck based swings.

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Maybe just as controversial but at least more popular than BF.


Please add Nomad as a standard map to both the 1v1 and TG map pool like Arabia and Arena. Some people like open maps, some people like walls and some people like the potential for pure chaos. I don’t mind playing maps other than nomad but knowing I have 0% chance of playing it is quite disappointing. I don’t see how adding one more map and one more ban will cause any problems especially with all the people doing alt f4 when they don’t get a map they like.

Nomad needs to be in the core maps, it’s crazy that it’s not. There’s a sizable hard core who only want to play nomad and mega variants. If people “hate” it, that’s what the ban is for. I personally ban Arabia!

The whole alt f4 issue shows how broken this map system is and monthly voting is the stupidest form of player engagement. How many active players are active on the forums or have the time and energy to engage? It would be better to have map category pools and let players favourite and ban a category rather than rotating specific maps.