Nomad it not the same anymore and it has gotten worse

It’s basically just Coastal with Nomad start.

What made Nomad different from the other map was the guaranteed land lock and the middle lake and the shallows here and there connecting continents. First they ruined Nomad by adding huge mountains everywhere so you could basically not place your start TC anymore. Then they removed the Land lock and the middle lake - it took away strategy of the map, you don’t need to scout where the landlock is, if enemy docked middle or outside. In the late-game water control doesn’t matter anymore - There is less fish and key elements that required a skilled eye to find out are gone now.

Just add the landlock again and a guaranteed big middle lake with small chance to be connected to the outside for more lategame water action/control

People with simular opinions:

We want our old Nomad back


Just want to reply to you with your own words:

The map changed, so you have to adapt. Simple as that my friend


Except the map got even easier and. more noob friendly, much like that suggestion you quoted me from. How much more skill ceilings do you guys want to take away further?

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Yeah, I used to play lots of Nomad back on HD and that map was more fun. More random variables to consider, so more strategy. And less annoying hills, too.

I see zero problem with that comment or the current main post

I agree. That’s why I made a 2013 in mods. Use that.