Nomad should remove from team ranked map pool

Many topics opened about it but i want to say it again: Nomad should remove from team ranked map pool. You cant play fair games in unfixed positions. Tc placements all about luck and if you are unlucky, you cant play a proper game. 3 players fighting for 1 gold pile while other booming like no tomorrow, 2 players fighting for 1 boar while mongol player has 5 boars in his base and more. Nomad create unfair games and it should not be in team ranked maps.


Lol that sounds kinda funny when you say it like that xD

Isn’t that randomness part of the appeal of Nomad?


lol. I didnt saw it. Randomness part of the nomad but not unfairness is not . Nomad is a good map for 1v1 but not for team games.

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Ever game same thing happening: Surrounding by 2 or 3 enemy, 2 castle denay my eco and i am dying.

I don’t like Nomad.

However, I’m all for keeping it in team ranked map pool. I understand why some players like exactly this unfair and random element you don’t like.

You can always ban it if you don’t like it. But clearly a lot of people do.


I have only 1 map ban right and i am using it for arabia. If i ban nomad i have to play arabia because arabia soo popular map;so, i cant ban nomad.

Play as a premade team then, so you can ban both maps.

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@TestedSlinky13 Why are you banning Arabia though? Just curious.

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I dont like arabia, so boring (knights+archers and nothing more) and more then %50 of all games play in arabia. If i dont ban arabia i have to play arabia.


@TestedSlinky13 yeah i understand, i ban Arabia too for the same reasons a lot of the times. Find another person to play with so you can ban 2 maps, that is one solution : / there really isn’t much more that can be done, other than build your tc close to allies.

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Well thatt just your preferences. There is a big player base who enjoy Nomad the most. Wouldnt it be unfair to them if Nomad was removed from ranked just to please your (and that of Healfortresses) whim? Speaking of unfairness: remember - your opponents start in the same conditions as you and your team. Just like you said Nomad offers so much strategical decisions: do i boom like theres no tomorrow or do i fight for that boar etc. As for being surrounded by 3 enemies, don`t you use flares at the beginning to cluster with your team?

I can`t believe a fellow Arabia-banner also hates Nomad. Nomad is anything but stale.


Thank you for explanation Viper. I didnt think like you 100000 elos player.

another game another stupid thing. Surrounding by 3 enemy. This is not mess, this is unfairness.

if you dont ilke the map, ban it. simple as that.
if there are too many maps in the map pool you don’t like, play lobby games

Nomad is the third most played map on team games (almost the same as Arena, higher than Black Forest, both of which are permanently in the map pool)

As i say above. I cant ban nomad bcs i have to ban arabia which is sooo popular.

Sounds kinda like you are just not very good at nomad, or that you need to find some guys to play with who know how to communicate (or both).


No. Actually i have more then &60 win rate in nomad. I am good at i but that does not mean nomad is a fair map.

What do you mean by fair?

Fair #1 = the better teams win a higher % of the games?

Fair #2 = it never happens that a single player gets their ■■■ kicked because of starting position (between enemies, no boar etc)

It looks like you are talking about ‘fair map’ and only thinking about #2. Whereas it is #1 that is clearly the more important criteria.


fair teams, fair start

Your comment makes no sense whatsoever