Nomad ! =(

I’m simultaneously very excited about the new game, and very sad.

As a Nomad-only player, there is unfortunately little if any opportunity to play competitively or otherwise with Nomad.

Nobody joins Nomad unranked lobbies, and nomad is not available in ranked queue at all.

May the dev’s understand - there is an entire community of players who ONLY play Nomad (or other maps). Please either make lobby games Ranked or include a Nomad-only ranked queue for the Nomad community. Nomad is very popular and represents a large number of players. Until this is resolved, I feel the game will repel more players than it attracts.

Otherwise, the game is great. Looking forward to when the Nomad community can dive in.



Would you play a ranked no tc start map pool?

So, random selection between land nomad, nomad, pilgrims, and maybe a couple of other maps?

I would imagine that having automatic matching would be difficult if everyone wants a different custom map and setting, but I would like to see a couple more map pool options.

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I mostly play nomad as well, but it is impossible to get a balanced nomad game on de. They just not force people to play a pool of random maps, they also removed elo from the lobby. Genius!