Nomads becoming a university tech

Should this just be a general tech instead of being only unique to mongols? ofc we can just change the name to make a bit more sense for all civs to have it. Currently i think mongols are more than fine but their castle UT feels very off esp for only one civ. What do you guys think?

No point, nomads is just kind of bad regardless. Houses are so easy to rebuild, and if you are losing them en masse you are probably losing anyway, so it’s less likely to matter.


The problem with Nomads isn’t that it’s restricted to one civ - the problem is that Nomads sucks.
As mentioned, Houses are easy to rebuild, and destroying population buildings is no-one’s objective. It’s just an indirect result of razing Castles & Town Centers.

I propose that Nomads should either:

  1. Nomads affects all population buildings
  2. Nomads is removed and replaced with something completely different
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i would rather think of a way to make the nomad UU for mongols a bit less useless instead.

also, not all civs are nomads, quite the contrary infact, so it would not have a lot of sense. even if i had the tech available in my university, it would still be a trash tech that you are supposed to research when your town is being wiped out, which is when you want to use resources to spam a counter unit or simply call the GG

It can also be changed for castles and TCs also benefitting. Also you can always change the name to make sense for other civs to have it

If this applies for all population buildings like someone else suggested it aould be more than helpful i think

Id rathdr nomads just give the huns effect.

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That will be a bit boring and maybe slightly OP for Mongols.

Maybe Nomads tech give deleted buildings give resources back in the spirit of Nomadic lifestyle.

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What about just making Nomads give you max pop but Huns begin with it but -100 wood?

Tbh I rather not give other civs the exact same bonus but behind a UT but you are exagerating. It would be fairly useful but it wouldnt be a big deal at all

on a side note, it would be very cool if a civ’s bonus was to be able to research its unique techs at the university

Actually before DE there was a bug with this tech that let you delete house foundations for more pop space. So it was the Huns bonus with extra steps, but no one bothered doing it anyway since it was still useless.

I’m not sure. Mongols are pretty good.

Yeah, I know. Was a bit useful in DM settings though.

Mongols are decent (their early castle age is so bad I think they are just okay), but I imagine they would be paying at cheapest 400 resources to get to max pop. If locked behind a castle you will still have payed the equivalent of 16 houses (80 pop) and slowed down Mangudai production when you already have enough pop for a while thanks to a caatle (I imagine they would have 70 pop limit by then) so you will have to wait until 150 pop for it to pay off

What would be the use of this?

Not needing a castle

Castle’s main purpose is defense noh?

A lot of the times you would like to have the UTs before getting your castle up.

Its still nothing amazing but it would be a nice help