Non decaying herdables

Is it possible to make through triggers an herdable like a dead sheep never decay?

On the top of my head, can’t you change attribute: first storage, to a ridiculously big number? Or maybe, -1

You should also do it for the herdable dead unit ID

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Probably, I’m gonna try and mark your comment as solution if it works. By changing the first storage you mean using the modify attribute, right? And change the sheep dead unit Id to …?

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Modify attribute: first storage of sheep and Modify attribute: first storage of sheep corpse.

Maybe only one is necessary, I don’t know.

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Sadly no. (The effect First/Second/Third Storage modify attributes don’t seem to work with triggers sadly. Gatherables anyway. I don’t generally edit these values.) However, you can do this with RMS. (probably xs too.) In RMS, change this value of the object: (Testing with my results below but with only triggers. Technically it works but still not forever/endlessly.)

resource_delta 2147483647

edit: You will likely need to use ‘cAmountFirstStorage’ for xs. (I don’t have an example atm since I never tried.) I’ll open the editor/try in a bit and edit post in a bit.

edit: Yeah no… I can’t get it to work in xs either… (No matter what I try, I can’t get it to work.)

edit: OOH! I see… I found the issue… The values are not getting updated correctly… If you set the value to 2147483647 (use 32767 instead.) and set the DeadUnitID to itself, finish the first object, it works correctly! (it regenerates to the correct one.)

edit: Oh actually, don’t overload it. It glitches out. Use 32767 instead. (That is the best you are going to get sadly.)

edit: xs script:

void main()
xsEffectAmount(cGaiaSetAttribute, 59, 21, 32767.0, 0); // Forage Bush Storage Value.
xsEffectAmount(cGaiaSetAttribute, 59, 57, 59.0, 0); // Forage Bush Dead Unit ID.

Not sure if you have to use ‘cGaiaSetAttribute’ or if ‘cSetAttribute’ should be enough.


I see, thank you, so there’s no way to get it work through triggers by modifying first storage like it has been suggested?

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If you mean ‘truly forever/never’ then no. But, you can do the alternatives mentioned above. But, purely triggers only? No. (Not currently.)

edit: There is also data mod editing if you want to go that route. (which works.) But again, that is probably not what your asking/wanting/need.

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Does this mean that when a berry bush gets exhausted, it ‘dies’?

Also, too bad about this thing not working with triggers. But anyways, that gives me an idea. I’ll try to see if you can give lions and wolves food


I am assuming so. (I won’t say it’s a ‘fact’ but, it would make sense to me. Should be the same for all/most ‘resources’)

Note: I did test this with farms and it did not work. I think you have to use a different value for that object. (‘cAttributeFarmFood’)