Non existant walls, walling!

You seriously need to rethink the mechanic of walling. It makes ZERO sense that you can block units from coming in when the wall hasn’t even finished bulding and only started, It is easily the worst and over looked mechanic in the game and it shuts down the idea of being aggresive early.

Walls can be attacked while under construction with 50% more damage, also stone walls are affected


AND they said they have future plans to make it so you canNOT reactionary fast wall by making the damage unfinished walls take be astronomical.

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You can attack the walls while they are building and do a lot of extra damage to them.

Surely you can see why there could be problems letting units walk over things that are partially built? What happens when it finishes building with units on top of it?

not really the point, units shouldnt reroute themselves o na wall that literally isnt even in construction yet its basically and exploit at this point.

Considering that you can attack the walls being built with 50% more damage I don’t see this as a big issue right now. And honestly there are ways to handle this more efficiently like siege it down for example.