(Non-game) Art of Vietnam's Trần dynasty

Higher resolution: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:The_Mahasattva_of_Truc_Lam_leaves_the_Mountain_竹林大士出山圖.jpg
Handscroll: Retired king Nhân Tông returns to the capital from Trúc Lâm buddhist temple and meets his son, king Anh Tông.
Author: Trần Vũ (1275-?) and others ?
Date: Sooner than 1363, collected by Chen Jianru in 1363.
Description: Was stolen by Ming Chinese in 1407. Has ink seals of Yongle and Kangzi emperor. Was taken outside by emperor Puyi in 1922. Now it is presented in Liaodong museum.

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In the right: Viet soldiers and warriors. For referring, Viet warriors did not wear conical hat.

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